What is volatility in a casino? How does this indicator affect winnings on slot machines

      Any gambling enthusiast wants to get more winnings on slot machines. Therefore, casino visitors try to choose the most profitable slots. When searching for “giving” games, gamblers pay attention to important model characteristics – the RTP indicator and volatility. One of the main factors in choosing is variance, which reflects the frequency of winning combinations appearing on slot machines.

      What is volatility

      Volatility is often referred to as a risk indicator for a game model. This parameter affects the outcome of the game. Variance shows how often winning symbol combinations appear on the reels. Volatility comes in three types:

      • High volatility – winnings occur very rarely, but players receive maximum payouts;
      • Medium volatility – rewards usually exceed the bet size and occur more often;
      • Low volatility – winning combinations are formed frequently, but payouts rarely exceed the bet size.

      Knowing the volatility of a video slot, a gambler can choose the optimal model for themselves. You can win at any level of volatility, but the size of the payouts will differ.

      Impact of volatility on winnings

      Machines with high variance give long series of spins without rewards. But if the player is patient, they will receive a large prize. Slots with high volatility include 300 Shields, Gonzo’s Quest, Voodoo. These models are suitable for players who like to take risks, but it is important to distribute the bankroll correctly.

      Games with medium variance are the most popular in casinos. They offer decent bet multipliers, and bonuses bring additional payouts. Machines with medium volatility include Thunderstruck 2, Jurassic Park, Bonanza. With a medium level of variance, you need to calculate a bankroll for 75-100 spins to receive large payouts.

      Models with low volatility often result in wins. The amount of rewards is usually equal to or slightly larger than the bet size. Decent payouts can be expected in bonus rounds. Popular low variance slots include Jack Hammer, Sinbad, The Invisible Man. These slots are suitable for both large and minimum bets. Gamblers who prefer a more dynamic gameplay will appreciate these models.

      To determine the variance parameter of a slot, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics stated by the manufacturer. If the volatility indicator is not indicated, you can calculate it in demo mode. You need to launch the machine several hundred times for free and calculate the frequency of appearance and the sizes of virtual winnings. You can approximate the volatility from the bet multiplier table. If the maximum coefficient is very high, prizes occur rarely, but the payout amounts are large.